For all women who are planning on preganancy-CHECK THIS SITE!
I was borned with a bilateral complete cleft. While mine is due to genetic hereditary coupled with an improper diet and supplementation (there was none as my parents survived through the depression) folic acid in balance with the use of Vitamin B-12 should be seriously considered in prenatal care and development. Begin such use before preganancy!

A Pediatrician's guide on keeping your kids healthy and safe



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FOUND! A downtown Santa Maria (California) comic selling store: LEISURE TIME GAMES.
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YO!! 2012 THE RETURN OF THE TURTLES > THE TMNTs with their sewer humor and pizza mania both Playmates and Nickelodeon have reanimated the action figures and a new comic series. Read more at:
Toy News

Comics Alliance

and they are reasonably (???) priced at $8.99 or $12.99 USD at Toys R Us

2012 TMNT action figures


Despite being discontinued at the end of 2010, the Lego excellent line of assemble-able action figures continue to be available through Amazon and eBay sellers as well as some mass market retailers. What impresses me most about this discontinued toy line is the underlying story arc that provides both a base for play and for collecting. This wiki provides an excellent overview of the characterization: Read here

While the product line has always been sold at the high end of the price range, versatility and excellent packaging and product production has made for a toy that holds up to repeated play unlike many of the regular action figures with limited articulation and posing flexibility. To see the variety Check this google page

Be sure to visit the website at:

Well toy prices are NOT what they were: affordable! At roughly $20 USD a pop these figures are making opening up the blisters to display or play with a real tease! Not a doable purchase for those of us on the lower ends of the economic scale!

BUT there are some great buys out there in industry related merchandise as illustrated by this eBay store, which is a must see if you are into miniature figures!

Wonderworld Comics & Games

From the universe of 2000 AD comes Judge Dredd among other nefarious "heroes" (?).
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FOR 2017 MY NEW ONLINE INFORMATIONAL GUIDE: An Introduction to the Tetragonostachys of the USA is now housed at my Facebook page. Can be seen as a slide show at full screen!

Click here to the Tetragonostachys

NEW: PDF Keys to Western species. click here to access

In early 2012 I finally set my attention to developing an interactive flora on what has become my favorite plants, the Selaginella species of the subgenus Tetragonostachys. These I have been learning how to grow since late 2004 as well as learning how to identify. Both have not been that easy as there is virtually no information on culture and what information on identification is based upon dried up specimens held in herbariums and trying to get past the vagueness of the terminology. It was not until a close friend gifted me a small microscope suitable for viewing living plants that I was able to find some sense of certainity in my IDs as well as being able to work up images since the microscope allowed for taking images. With such a capability at hand and living plants to use, I redirected my focus towards developing a flora of the species found in North America. Part of this focus is responsible for creating a post at the California Native Plant Society forum under the pseudo of terrestrial_man.
In my first attempt at writing the flora I had created a large document which I sent out to a few select individuals who I thought just might be interested in such a flora. Subsequently, in a conversation with Dr. Mary Barkworth, of Utah State University, I was given the idea of using hyperlinks and began the process of both resizing and rewriting to include in page and inter Excel workbook hyperlinks. While I do not consider the work done to date to be really the final product I have managed to work out several Excel workbooks that will remain intact until I have completed the various species workbooks of North America. To date then I have available a general workbook on the Tetragonostachys, 3 workbooks on the 3 sections I am currently using to distinguish the species, and 2 species workbooks. These can all be sent by email to addresses that can handle a 10mb download.
As two species of the Tetragonostachys occur both within North America and outside of North America, I began to check out each as to their distribution which lead me to ultimately deciding to change the project from just the North American species to one that includes all the known species of the Tetragonostachys that occur within the world. As part of this extension I have set up a post at the South African National Parks forum on those species found in Africa and Madagascar. Though only 8 species exist in the area the information on these is fairly rare and I had to do some degree of extrapolation of their habitats which I have briefly commented on at the forum.
Eventually I hope to work out some kind of phylogeny on the origin of the species though this will probably be more of an exercise in deduction than of reality. Unless, of course, someone figures out how to travel back in time!!

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